GTE 3215 Interior


I stopped by my upholsterer’s shop to work on the GTE that’s getting a new interior.


Justin and Pat already removed all the pieces to the interior, and laid it all out for us to inspect together. I find it’s always good to go over the small points and details to an interior to make sure the leather is done correctly. There are a bunch of small details specific to GTEs that are often missed by shops used to doing Lussos and Cal Spyders, and I try my best to have my upholsterer avoid these mistakes!


This car was extraordinarily rust free, so the floor pans and interior profiles were all very stock.


The former interior, however, was far from stock and it was my job to bring it back to how it left the factory. The biggest eyesore was this center console. There were extra switches and controls installed in this console, and now that it was removed, I could see if the console was worth saving.


I discovered the center console was not original from the way it was constructed. It was made close to the original shape, but extra material was added to change the position of the console in relation to the dashboard. The best solution is to find a stock replacement for a SI GTE, but the alternative of fabricating a new one, or modifying the current one will be considered if I can’t find a replacement.


I started deciphering the wiring behind the console and replaced each toggle switch with a correct push/pull switch that I collected over the past several months.


I cut out some of the wiring that was added through the years and ended up with a pile of wires and switches.



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