Boxer Inspection


I was asked to inspect a Ferrari 512BBi down at Gullwing Motorcars in Queens New York last week. I find myself going down to Queens every now and again looking at all sorts of Ferraris. This one was low mileage example that the buyer wanted me to confirm its condition.


There’s always something wrong with any car that is for sale, and it’s my job to try my best to show the buyer what I see. When asked to do an inspection, I see myself as an advocate for the buyer, and I get paid regardless of the outcome of the sale. In car sales, whether it’s a private sale, a dealer, or an auction, rarely are any of these venues looking out for the buyer. When I’m hired as an inspector, I have no “skin in the game” so I should be able to give an honest and objective view of the car. This Boxer was a decent car, with the usual “Boxer” issues like a over heated fuse panel, but nothing insurmountable.