Finishing up the Queen


A Queen Mother we had at the shop was just about ready to go home, but I had two more items to finish up.


The front turn signal lens was cracked, so I ordered a new one.


The lenses came as a full set of front marker lights, so the owner can keep the others as spares.


As nice as these lenses were, nothing just bolts right on a Ferrari. I found the screw hole on the new lens to be slightly longer than the original, making the lens sit incorrectly. After some filing and checking, it fit perfectly.


I was lucky not to have to pull the bumper off to fit the lens!


The next project was to fit new door seals. What you would think is a relatively easy job turned out to be much more involved. On this car, there was a stainless steel trim piece that covers the rubber weather stripping on the door sill that needed to be removed to take out the old weatherstripping.


In order to remove the trim piece, a door sill piece had to be removed. To get that piece off the back panel needed to come out. To get the back panel out, the rear seat back needed to come out. To get the seat back out, the seat cushions had to come out…


All that work to access this screw to pull the cap molding off. Installing the weather stripping after that was a breeze!