GTE Service


A GTE was in for a tune up and fluid change, and I found a couple parts that needed replacing. The high tension wire on one of the coils was showing some oxidation, so it was time for a replacement.


Putting together points is pretty straight forward except for manufacturing defects that come up every now an again. This set seemed to have developed a kink in the spring.


The correct orientation shouldn’t have any kinks or bulges. Having installed dozens, and maybe close to a hundred sets now, I’m still finding things that surprise me. I often wonder if the guy installing one set on his car at home will catch these problems!


I adjusted the valves and inspected the condition of the valve train. Everything looked pretty good.


This car is a very nice driver, so there were small details that were not stock, but I refrained from correcting them. Putting the correct nuts, or paint finishes were not going to make this car run any better, but I have to shift my mindset after coming back from Cavallino!