365 Transmission


Several weeks ago, I brought a 365GT 2+2 to the shop for rebuilding. Just getting this monster transmission moved was a challenge. It’s definitely a two man job!


We disassembled the transmission, found the worn pieces, and ordered the parts including new synchronizers and and seals. A fresh coat of paint was applied to the outside and we were ready for reassembly.


Francois is teaching me how to rebuild a Ferrari transmission, and I’m trying my best to absorb all the information during each step. As usual, there is no manual for early Ferrari transmissions, and because they were designed and built by Ferrari, there could be subtle changes from one gear box to the next. The only guide we have it a parts book with an exploded diagram, but we found small differences in this late 365GT 2+2 gearbox that wasn’t in the parts manual!


Not only am I trying to absorb the process of rebuilding a transmission, I am also being taught “how the parts should feel.” This part of the lesson is what I find invaluable. The end play of the gears mounted on their shaft can be measured, but Francois relies on feel. He’s been rebuilding transmissions for half a century, and has developed a feel for the parts that he’s trying to teach me. No book can describe how the parts should feel when they’re assembled, but if I can develop this sensitivity when something is wrong, I’ll feel it first.

Francois believes gearbox rebuilds are harder than engine rebuilds. There may be more parts in an engine, but he feels there are more traps that can give you problems in a transmission rebuild. That knowledge only adds more weight to my note taking and attention to what the master has to teach!