The Next Generation

John Brunelle is working on bringing a Ferrari GTE back to life with the help of his son. We’ve been corresponding for the past few years, and I’ve been helping him when I can. John sent me an e-mail and picture today that I had to share.



Ethan and I finally got the engine out of 2457 earlier toady!  Ethan’s one request as we were finishing up was to “take a picture of me in the engine compartment like that guy on the website that you are always looking at.”  I couldn’t stop laughing!  Here it is … a photograph of what I believe to be the youngest vintage Ferrari mechanic around and a follower of Tom Yang!

Have a great day Tom & I hope you enjoy the picture of your very own prodigy,



Thanks John, and good on you Ethan! You’re way ahead of the game in the Vintage Ferrari world than when I started, so your future is bright!