330 Rear Bumper


The rear bumper to the 330 I’ve been working on is installed and looks great. I just have a couple more things to do on this car and it should be done. As simple as rechroming a few pieces on this car sounded, it required a lot of fitting and massaging.


Before installing the rear bumper, the rear light assemblies had to be put together and checked. The outer part was rechromed, but the lenses had to be cleaned, and fitted. The screws for the assembly were also chrome plated, but the rest of the light fixture had to be cleaned, painted, and checked for operation before installing on the car.


While I was assembling the bumpers for the last time, I wanted to photograph this Pininfarina logo that was stamped on the inside of one of the bumper pieces. Pretty neat little detail.


One of the final pieces to the chrome work on this car was the gas cap. The previous owner had the gas cap stripped, but failed to have the center section painted to match the body color. I normally would have taken this part to my regular painter, but I wanted to try out a new local painter that was closer to my home. Finding a new vendor to do the work I needed for Ferraris can take a lot of time and patience, but it’s necessary to have more than one vendor to rely on when I’m trying to keep the work flow moving. I have found all shops will tell you they’re great at what they do, and unless you have actual proof to their work, the results and opinions can vary widely.

When I picked up the piece from this local painter, I was not impressed. He admitted the color match was not exactly right, but said it was the best he could do. Not only was it slightly off in color, it had dust imbedded in the finish! I decided to take my part out of the shop, and not return. I could have insisted on having him do the job again, but if he wanted my business, he would have done it the best he could have done the first time. I have since sent the part out to a highly recommended local painter and will see how it turns out. I added this first painter on the list not to use again and considered it a cheap lesson for a small part!



Save the Date!

10th Annual Tomyang.net/Radcliffe Motorcars Spring Car Show!

With our tenth year, I hope I don’t have to tell you how much fun this cars show has become.

Where: Radcliffe Motorcars Company

12340 Owings Mills Boulevard, Ste. 100 Reisterstown, MD 21136

When: May 6th, 2017



Contact Richard Garre about registering for the event. Space is limited to about 90 cars, so register early!