365 Engine Details


The heads on the 365 engine were installed and the next step was to install the timing chain case and attach the timing chain to time the camshafts to the crank.


There are some changes that were made on a 365 engine that had to be addressed to make the work a little easier. Ferrari changed the timing marks on this engine to the bottom of flywheel because the top window was tucked too far under the firewall to see well with a timing light. This works fine when setting the ignition timing when the engine installed in the car, but not so much when you’re trying to set the cam timing on the engine stand. We carefully transferred the marks on the flywheel 180 degrees to the other side of the flywheel to make things easier to see from the top window.

Setting the cam timing can get confusing, but each time for me, it becomes a little easier. Francois taught me the way the factory did it, but when he learned, it was in the Factory engine assembly room in the 60s practicing on dozens of engines one after another. My practice comes from the few engines we do a year, but there is no better way to learn this process than repetition.


There are a bunch of little traps that can cause some pretty big leaks if you’re not careful assembling a 60s vintage Ferrari engine, and some of it comes from the new gaskets being sold to the seal these engines. Besides the issues with the head gaskets, another problem comes from the timing chain case gasket. The new gasket is thicker than the original gasket, and in this case, thicker isn’t necessarily better. The thicker gasket pushes the timing chest further away from the engine block.


This distance affects the sealing of two o-rings that seal the water passages between the heads and the timing chest. Thin o-rings, and a thicker gasket make for bad combination. Checking to make sure these pieces won’t adversely affect the sealing is mandatory, along with the use of sealant will insure a leak free fit. If this area leaks after everything is assembled, you’re going to have a big problem to fix!



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