GTE Driveshaft Imbalance Solved!


Francois and I took a 250GTE we’ve been working on out for drive today and were pleased to find the drive line vibration gone! This project took several months of lo0king at the past modifications, finding the right parts, buying them from all over the world, assembling them,  machining them to fit back to the stock configuration, and balancing the whole drive line unit to eliminate a vibration while the car was at highway speeds. Although the parts are rare, and the shops that can balance these drive shafts are getting harder to find, we’re happy to know we fixed another one. There was no guarantee that we would be successful until that first test drive, and we both had smiles on our faces.


I needed to do some final tune on the engine before sending the car home, but found a small problem I wanted to correct.


There was one linkage on the carburetors that didn’t seem to be set up correctly. The lever attached to the carburetor was not exactly parallel with the carb, and was hitting against the return spring mounted next to it. It was causing a slight problem when the throttle was released to idle.


The solution was to swap the two linkage arms to eliminate the interference, but that required taking the whole throttle rod apart to re-order these two arms. Despite the time to do this, the reward was a properly operating throttle linkage, and no interference. Two more things were corrected on this GTE on this visit to the shop this winter, and we were very happy with the results!




Save the Date!

10th Annual Motorcars Spring Car Show!

With our tenth year, I hope I don’t have to tell you how much fun this cars show has become.

Where: Radcliffe Motorcars Company

12340 Owings Mills Boulevard, Ste. 100 Reisterstown, MD 21136

When: May 6th, 2017

Contact Richard Garre about registering for the event. Space is limited to about 90 cars, so register early!