Daytona Service


A Daytona was in the shop last week for a quick service. It’s been in the same family for years, and is a quintessential “driver!” I always describe these cars a lot like old leather jackets; they may have a few scuff and scrapes, but when you put them on, they just feel right!


Gianni wanted us to check the ignition system for a Spring tune up, so I checked the plugs and distributors.


Points set suppliers have changed through the years, and quality varies. The springs in the old set were losing their spring tension, so I noticed some points bounce on the distributor machine. A fresh set of points fixed the problem.


A brake bleeding was also on the list of “to-dos,” and I hope it was done in time! The fluid in the reservoir was pretty dark and way past its prime. I like to bleed brakes at least once a year, if not every two years depending on how the car is stored and used. Old, dirty, moisture laden brake fluid will cause pistons to seize. I recently did a brake job where small ridges of varnish were left on brake pistons on what otherwise were good brakes without leaks. The ridges of varnish seized the brakes and required a complete dis-assembly and rebuild of the calipers.

It doesn’t take much to bleed the brakes, and even a few minutes of gravity bleeding at each corner will put some fresh fluid in the caliper to keep deposits or rust from forming.



Save the Date!

10th Annual Motorcars Spring Car Show!

With our tenth year, I hope I don’t have to tell you how much fun this cars show has become.

Where: Radcliffe Motorcars Company

12340 Owings Mills Boulevard, Ste. 100 Reisterstown, MD 21136

When: May 6th, 2017

Contact Richard Garre about registering for the event. Space is limited to about 90 cars, so register early!