PF Coupe Exhaust


We have a PF Coupe in the shop for a new exhaust system. The car was fitted with an ANSA exhaust system which was the usual replacement for Vintage Ferraris when OEM replacements were no longer available. Many Ferraris made before the 330GTC came from the factory with an Abarth exhaust system, but by the late 60s, Ferrari started to use other manufacturers for their exhaust systems. Abarth also stopped making exhausts, so the only replacement system was supplied by ANSA.


With a lot of research and development, several restorers worked to reproduce the original Abarth systems. The muffler shape and rear tail pipes are significantly different than the ANSA system and the reproductions I’m seeing are very nice.  Not all Ferraris are exactly the same, and I credit the men and shops of their hard work at making jigs to get a reproduction system to fit.


That being said, I still order my reproduction Abrath exhaust systems partially welded so I can tweak, cut, bend, and weld the system to get it perfect.


There’s always some kind of fitment issue or pipe diameter issue, but it’s the nature of exhaust systems. My exhaust supplier only tacks the hangers to the system so I can move them if necessary. I ended up moving two of them to line up better with the hangers on this particular car.


One of the big differences between the original Abarth exhaust, and the ANSA replacement is the way the rear tail pipes are made. The Abarth tips are painted black with a separate chrome sleeve that slides over the the tail pipe, while the ANSA system is a chromed tip that is masked and painted black. The chrome and and the painted sections is separated with red tape. I won’t install the chrome tips until I get everything installed to keep from scratching the chrome.


The tail pipe alignment is critical, so it’s checked and rechecked as I weld the system together.


With the pipes welded and aligned, I welded on a couple of reinforcement plates that are specific to the Abarth system.


A nice coat of high temp black satin paint is applied to the system to reproduce the original finish.

I have one more detail to install before the system goes together, but they’re coming in the mail. Greg Jones is sending me reproduction exhaust clamps that will hold this system together and will finish off a very nice reproduction Abarth exhaust system!