2017 Road Trip!


Sam Hallowell called me over the winter to propose a trip to Monterey this year in his Ferrari 365GTC/4. He had never been to Pebble Beach Concours, Auctions, and all the other car related activities in August on the Monterey Peninsula and decided to drive his car across the country to attend. We’ve done trips like this before in his car to Wisconsin, so I was his obvious co-pilot. It’s a monumental trip, fraught with potential issues, but we both feel if we can’t drive a Ferrari across the country, we can’t preach “Ferraris were meant to be driven!”

Since it’s Sam’s first time in Monterey, I suggested he try entering his car for the Quail Motorsports Gathering. It would be his best chance at getting tickets to one of the hottest events during Monterey week. The tickets are $$$, but it’s a must attend if you’re going to do the full tour of the Monterey weekend. Sam got accepted, so things are falling into place!

Since we’re heading West from the East Coast, I know Bonneville Speed Week is just before Monterey, so one stop will be in Utah to catch some of the high speed runs on the Salt Flats before heading out to California. I actually know someone running a car, so it’ll be fun to find his team on the salt.

We already have some interest in some people joining us for this adventure across the country, but let me know if you would like to join us, or even suggest a stop on the way out. The rough route will take us across Upstate NY, through Ohio, into the Chicago area, across Iowa, Nebraska, into Denver, and on into Utah and California. We will use I-80 as a rough route, but detours can be made and smaller state roads will be used when possible. The plan is to take 7 days for our detours and stop overs, but we’re all flexible.

Contact me to make some plans!