PF Coupe and 330GT Ready to Go


The exhaust on the PF Coupe I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks was all done, but when I pulled the car out of the shop, we noticed some fuel leaking onto the floor. The mechanical pump was leaking a little bit, so I pulled the pump off for a closer look.


I made a simple mechanical pump tester out of some scrap steel we had laying around the shop a couple years ago, and this really comes in handy with problems like this. I quickly  found the screws around the diaphragm were a little loose, and needed some tightening. The pump was working fine, and providing plenty of fuel, so I stopped the leaks, and put the pump back in service!


The blue 330 was waiting for a gas cap so I could go out and drive the car, and it finally arrived.


The paint match was spot on, and much better than the first attempt with a painter I wanted to try. Every vendor is going to tell you they do great work, but it’s my job to figure out for myself which ones are actually good, and it sometimes takes a few tries, but I think I found one I can keep!