Brake Disassembly


I have a set of 250GTE brakes I needed to disassemble. The bridge pipe between the pistons was done a little crazy, and I doubt it would have worked if they were mounted on the car. I’m having these calipers rebuilt, so I’ll make new bridge pipes when I assemble everything.


The pistons were rusty and will need sleeving, but first, I’ll have to strip, clean, and have them cadmium plated before sending them out for sleeving.


Since I was rebuilding brakes, I have a set of 365GT 2+2 calipers that also need some love. These will be a little less involved since they showed a lot less corrosion. I should be able to get a new set of seals and be good to go.


Monterey Plans

This year, the plan is to drive out to Monterey! If all goes well, I will be leaving on the 9th of August to arrive in Monterey on the 16th or 17th. We have a few Ferraris joining us for the trip and if you’d like to join us, let me know!


I’ll be hosting my annual Cocktail Party at Quail Lodge Thursday evening from 5:30pm-8pm at the pool patio behind Edgar’s Restaurant. It’s a nice gathering of friends from my website, and all are invited to attend. There is a change in parking this year, and I’m told there may be shuttle bus service onto the Quail grounds, but I’ll give more information as we get closer.