My 330 America Transmission


New 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear synchronizers arrived in the mail last week along with some bearings and the broken part that precipitated my gearbox rebuild on my 330 America. I’ve been trying to find time between paying jobs to work on my personal work, and it’s been a real struggle. My summer is already too busy, and fitting in a transmission rebuild in addition has been a challenge!


I checked all the dimensions of the new spider to match up to the old one, less the broken parts!


The process of rebuilding the gearbox started with removing the sychro ring from the gears and installing the new one. I still can’t seem to install the ring as fast as Francois, but then again, he has rebuilt hundreds of these things!


The parts to this transmission have to slide smoothly to insure a nice and smooth gear shift when this transmission is back in the car. These parts were machined to work together, but a good amount of hand lapping with a fine lapping compound made the fit much better. I not only spent time making sure the dog rings fit smoothly, but also worked on the way the splines fit on the main shaft so the assembly of the transmission went smoothly as well.


After installing the new sychros, I assembled the main shaft to check for free play. I’m sure there is a spec for this, but Francois showed me how the gears should “feel” when everything is bolted together. There are spacers internally that can be adjusted to give the gear sets enough clearance to expand as the gearbox gets warm from use. Now all I have to find is a few more hours to assemble the rest of my gear box!



Annual Monterey Cocktail Party

August 17th, 2017  5:30-8pm

Quail Lodge, Carmel

Pool Patio, behind Edgar’s Restaurant

Appetizers and Cash Bar

Come join me and other friends of the website, and our love for all things mechanical!