Preventative Maintenance


We were making good progress on the Daytona we have at the shop. The carburetor service, ignition upgrade, and drive train service was all going well. As we drove the car, however, we noticed the car running a little hot. We looked a little closer and found the cooling fans weren’t working and traced it to a blown fuse. We’re looking into what blew the fuse, but at the same time, we noticed some coolant stains at the bottom of the radiator. The owner also noticed the stains, and asked we take a closer look.


After driving the car, we didn’t notice any coolant leaks, but after discussing it with the owner, we decided to pull the radiator out. We all felt if there were signs of past leakage, then these leaks may rear its nasty head again in the future, so a closer look by our radiator repair shop would insure no leaks.


With the radiator out of the car, we could see the previous leaks a lot better. Small pin hole leaks by the core were probably weeping coolant for a while, sometimes self sealing or with the help of radiator sealant. We’ll take care of these leaks once and for all to make this system leak free!


On another note, we received an ashtray back from our chrome plater, and it looks spectacular! I can’t wait to install it on the 330 that’s been waiting for its return!