Nice Day for a Drive


A customer of mine asked me if I could take a look at his Daytona Spyder before he took it out for a weekend drive. It’s been several months since he’s driven the car, and he wanted me to make sure everything was working well.

I didn’t have to be asked twice, and picked a day that was still warm enough to drive a convertible with the top down!


My first stop was the gas station for some fresh fuel. Carburetor Ferraris hate running on old fuel, so getting some fresh gas in the tanks before my drive was important to burn off some of the old stuff, but I couldn’t get the fuel door to open! Luckily, I stopped by a gas station where I knew the owner, so it wouldn’t be as embarrassing as when the owner couldn’t get his gas filler lid open! Eventually, we figured out the lid was shifted just enough to catch on the body work, and it was realigned to pop open smoothly. There’s not a lot of room for the nozzle, so it may have shifted the lid on the last fill up. I felt my pleasure drive was warranted by saving my customer the struggle of a stuck fuel door!


Speaking of neat cars to work on, as I stopped by Francois’ shop with the Daytona to check fluids and adjust the clutch, I found a 288GTO in the garage. This car was in for some service, and Francois was working on the car. These cars have such great lines, and I just wanted to share a neat picture of a neat car!