Full up with Ferraris


I’ve been trying my best to keep the work moving at Francois’ shop, and sometimes it gets a little crowded. With a small shop, scheduling when a car leaves and when another car arrives can be a challenge!


The owner asked me to take a drive in his 330 to see if I felt a vibration at a certain speed, and sure enough, I could feel it in the driveline. Vibrations can be tricky to fix, but I was willing to give it a shot. When we took a closer look at the driveshaft, I could definitely see a potential source of the vibration. There is a large rubber doughnut mounted on the driveshaft often called a “Guibo Joint.” As primitive as it looks, it’s  designed to absorb vibrations in the drive shaft, and this one looked pretty worn out.


I checked the play in the rest of the components, cleaned the u-joints, repacked them with fresh grease, and cleaned the rust off the drive shaft.


When the new guibo joint arrives from our supplier, we’ll send the whole rotating assembly out for balancing, and hopefully, everything will be smooth driving from now on!


The was a slight pinion seal leak on this differential as well, like the one on my car I dealt with last week. Now that I know my options to fix this leak, I’ll get on it!