365 Spokes and Door Handle


I got a call from my client a few months ago asking how bad it was to have a broken spoke on a Borrani Wire wheel. I warned him that when one spoke breaks on a wire wheel, it puts more stress on the other spokes and could lead to a cascading failure. The spare tire on this car had a cast wheel, so it would have looked ridiculous driving around with mismatched wheels.


Cast wheels were first offered with the 330s, but wire wheels were still being offered well into the 70s. The heavier, more powerful Ferraris of the 70s demanded a stronger wheel, but I still think a pre 1970 Ferrari looks better in wire wheels. The cast spare tire was often a common occurrence back in the day. A car would come from Italy with 5 cast wheels, but a customer would want wire wheels at the Ferrari dealership, so four wire wheels would be mounted on the car to make the sale, but the spare was often left in the trunk!


My client took a chance and drove the car for a couple more months this Fall, and just sent the car to me this week. I don’t know the exact history on this wheel, and I’m not sure why this spoke broke, but I’ll be sending this wheel out to Brightworks for re-lacing. Hopefully Ryan will be able to tell me what may have happened.


I was also lucky to have Brightworks find a matching wheel to make a complete set for this 365. I’ll swap the tire and tube onto this wheel, and send the broken one out.


There’s always a list of “to-dos” that comes with a car when it arrives for servicing. One of the things we noticed on this car was the door handle was not springing back.


When I finally got the door handle out, I found a broken torsion spring inside the door handle. Before I start this search, anybody have any ideas?


As I pulled this car into the shop, I noticed a click in the suspension, so when the car was up in the air, I took a look under the car and found a sway bar bushing out of place.


I pressed the rest of the old one out and pressed in new ones.