My 330 America is Back on the Road!


I’ve been trying to get my 330 America back on the road after a transmission rebuild over the summer, but it’s been tough to find the time to work on my personal stuff! Compounding the problem are the usual little problems that need to be addressed on these cars. As I was putting the transmission back in the Ferrari, I noticed the Brake Master Cylinder was leaking brake fluid. I took a look in the brake fluid reservoir, and it was empty! Damn! I now needed to fix the brake M/C!

After I took the M/C apart, I found the rear seal had failed but the M/C was still in pretty good shape, so I started to hunt around for seals. Unfortunately, the 1-inch seals I needed (one doughnut, and one cup seal) were not readily available. I was really anxious to get my car back on the road, so spending more time looking for this elusive seal was not what I wanted to do. Partsource had a complete M/C, so I reluctantly bought the unit for the sake of time and convenience.

The new M/C arrived and I was ready to simply “plug and play” the M/C in my car. WRONG! The threads were different at the banjo fitting on the outlet of my M/C compared to the new one! The bolt I had on my car had a special fitting for the brake light switch, so I needed to swap the large 36mm nut off the nose of the old M/C onto the replacement. Luckily I had the right socket, breaker bar, and brute force to break that nut loose. I was relieved all the rest of the threads matched up to complete the job!


I enlisted the help of my new brake bleeder assistant, my daughter, to finish the final bleeding, and took the old Ferrari out for a test drive. In the fading Fall light, I was glad to find the brakes worked great, and the transmission even better!