RM/Sotheby’s NY


I headed into New York City last week to catch the RM Sotheby’s “ICONs” Auction of Collector cars.


It was a small auction, but of some pretty significant cars. The pairings of a Pagani with an F40 would make any car guy’s heart race.


I put an eye on a couple of cars for a couple of my clients that were interested, and were cautious about bidding, but most of my visit was social. Any high dollar car auction attracts my colleagues in the business, so there are a lot of people to meet to chat and catch up.


I watched a couple of auctions cross the block and knew a couple of the sellers, so I was glad to see some good results for them. Auctions are a lot more fun when you know the players!



I left early before the auction ended, because I had a plane to catch the next morning. As I went to claim by coat, I looked down at by claim ticket to find “330” printed on my stub! What does that mean, since I own a 330 America, and I was attending an auction with a lot of Ferraris? Nothing but fun!



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