London 330GT


A customer of mine asked me to come to London to inspect a 330GT 2+2 he bought to restore. We took it out for a quick drive to get the engine warm and to start assessing the condition of the car. First on the list that needed attention was the brakes that were almost non existent!


This car was purchased out of France and was supposedly from an owner that ran out of the money during the restoration. I was brought over to inventory the parts, and to help make a plan for the restoration.


This was a decent car, but well worn and definitely in need of a full restoration. Everything was working, but a little threadbare and at the limit of it’s useful service life.


There were also some wacky modifications like an external fuel filler, and this crazy seat belt anchor that cut through the center console. I’m no engineer, but I don’t think this seat belt set up would have saved any lives if it were ever called into service!


I don’t think this steering wheel was correct for a SII 330, but probably came from an earlier car.


The engine was supposedly rebuilt by the previous owner, but needed a tune up. When I pulled the plugs, I could smell a lot of stale gasoline. The engine seemed to pull strongly during our test drive, but until the fuel could be changed, and a tune up performed, would we wouldn’t know exactly how healthy the engine could be.

I left London and the owner with a much clearer idea of what he needed to do with this car. I made a list of missing parts that he or I would have to find, and I took a lot of pictures to document the car’s present condition. Who and how this car will be restored is still to be determined, but I tried my best to give the owner a better understanding of what would be involved.



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