Queen Mother’s Differential


The first step for the repairs on the 365GT 2+2 required the removal of differential. The half shafts had to be removed, the torque tube unbolted, the differential mounts removed, then the diff came out.


We found an oil seal leak at the rear flange of the differential, so it’ll have to addressed.


With a good cleaning and new oil seals, this differential should stay looking this clean after we’re done with it.


The next part of the drive line that needed some attention was the torque tube. The 365GT 2+2s have an independent rear suspension, so the drive components are rigidly mounted to the chassis. The torque tube connects the output of the transmission to the differential, and the shaft inside is kept perfectly straight with a bearing.  As this bearing wears, the noise can be heard inside the car. After we exposed the bearing and checked for the noise, we could clearly hear what we thought we heard when driving the car.


The third part of this drive line service is to rebuild the transmission which is on the list of projects this winter!


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