365GTC/4 Timing Chains


After removing all the carburetors and linkages, the camshaft covers were removed to take a closer look at the timing chains. Francois did a timing chain adjustment with the chain tensioner before we took everything apart, and most of the noise from the chains had disappeared. The tensioner was at its limit of adjustment, so we felt it was wise to take a look inside to make sure none of the valve train was showing any excessive wear.

The good news was the chain guides were in good shape, and despite a lot of slack in the chain before the adjustment, there was no wear on the timing chain case or anywhere else.

The bad news was this was the last bit of adjustment the timing chain adjuster would provide, so the next time there is slack, the timing chain would have to be replaced.


I’ll do a valve adjustment next week, and try to seal up some of the oil leaks we found on this engine. We’ll have to decide how much of the wrinkle paint on the valve covers the owner will want us to restore. This car is just a “driver” but it would be nice to clean things up!