365GTC/4 Valve Adjustment and Radiator


With the camshaft cover gaskets scraped, it was time to check the valve lash on the C/4.  I was all ready to write down all my measurements on my pad and paper when Francois told me to simply write it on the head with a marker! This was way easier to keep track of the measurements and which ones would need to have their shim exchanged.


As I worked on the C/4 engine, we noticed a few hoses that would need replacing. This oil line feeds the vacuum pump, and if it were to fail, it would leak oil everywhere!


Speaking of leaks, the radiator was showing signs of leaking coolant when we first test drove the car. We could see signs of leaks from the lower tanks, so I pulled it for service.


This radiator has been slowly leaking for a while and getting worse. I think a new core will be in its future.


The owner decided to have the cam covers refinished in new wrinkle paint. We tried not to spend a ton of time disassembling everything, but it’s still a tedious job masking, painting, and heating so the wrinkle paint will wrinkle properly. I think it will be worth it though when these go back on the car.