365GTC/4 Weber DCOEs


Now that the valve adjustment was done, and the oil leaks addressed on the valve covers, it was time to turn my attention to the 6 carburetors for this 365GTC/4 we have at the shop.


They were pretty crusty and gummed up, and tuning them at this state would be a waste of time. A good cleaning of all the internal passageways and internal parts would allow fuel and air to flow freely, and give a fighting chance at making this car run right.


The Weber side draft DCOE is a iconic carburetor found on many Italian cars, and installed on many British engines looking for that Weber performance. They have a great feature where jets can be easily changed without taking half the carburetor apart, but when they get this dirty, the best way is to completely disassemble them and clean out all the passageways.


Disassembling carburetors is not that difficult as long as you can keep track of the all the tiny parts. Each Weber carburetor is slightly different, and knowing where the tricky little parts are hiding and how to get them out without have them bounce off into the shop floor is half the battle!


After a cleaning and reassembly, the top of the engine is coming together nicely! (Don’t worry, we’re tossing out those WIX oil filters for Baldwins asap!)