365 Transmission Bearings and Synchros


I replaced the synchronizer rings on the 365 GT 2+2 transmission last week. Getting the clip off and back on is sometime the hardest part, but with practice it gets easier. I learned to tape up my thumb to keep it from getting cut up on the sharp edge of the retaining clip trying to get it back in the groove.  The first time I did it, even with my already calloused thumb, I managed to cut the crap out of my finger!


New Bearings were installed on the 365GT 2+2 Transmission. We’re still waiting for one more, but enough were delivered for me to assemble the transmission gears so we could check for end play.


Not all the bearings fit easily, so a little bit of material had to be removed from either the bearing or the shaft so just the right amount of interference would make things fit right. It’s really a “feel thing,” that with each one I do, I memorize the “feel!”


Another set of bearings that will need to replaced is in the tail shaft of the transmission. On the bench, we can feel one of the bearings rumbling away, so we’ll have to disassemble this unit to get the two bearings out.


There isn’t a lot of documentation on these cars from Ferrari, so a lot of guidance has to come from the parts book. Carefully examining the parts allows us to understand how the pieces go together, and how they come apart. The tricky part is not all the parts are always shown in the parts book, and changes were made on some of these cars after the parts books were printed. I guess if it were easy, everyone would be doing this!