All Good Things Come to an End!

Seven years ago I hosted my first Cocktail Party at Quail Lodge in Carmel on Thursday night before the Monterey Car Weekend. It was a unbelievable that I was able to reserve this space at the pool patio behind Quail Lodge to host my gathering of Tomyang.netters.

It was a great turn out and grew bigger and bigger every year. Each year, I would call Quail Lodge and reserve the space, hoping that some big corporate sponsor didn’t come in and take usurp the space from my little gathering. Well, this year, I think I got forced out. Here’s the e-mail I got in response to my reservation for the space:

Hi Mr. Yang,
Thank you for your email and your patience as we work through the logistics of this year’s event. After speaking with the team and working out the details of our build out it looks like we will actually be expanding quite a bit this year. We are able to offer you the same location as your previous events, however the food and beverage minimum that is required to host any event onsite the week of The Quail will be set at $15,000.00

Please let me know if you would like to move forward and I would be happy to put together the contract for your review.


I was a little shocked at the price tag, several times more than what I’ve spent in years past. I loved this gathering, but not at that price! I now have a party without a venue. I look forward to seeing everyone every year out in Monterey, and Thursday night has been a great time to catch up with old friends and make new ones in the Vintage Ferrari world. I’m open to suggestions, and ideas. Help!