The Monterey Part is on!

Several months ago, I posted the news that Quail Lodge quintupled the price of the venue for me to host the cocktail party. I could not, and would not, justify their greed in raising their prices like that, so I’ve been scrambling to find an alternative location. I received several e-mails assuring me it wasn’t the location of the gathering, but the people who attended, but it still was not so easy to find a place to have my party in Monterey! My overpriced motel didn’t even have a breakfast room to use like the one we used to have our gathering on Munras years ago.

I saw Todd Coady a few weeks ago at the  Greenwich Concours and we talked about our Monterey plans. The Coady’s host a party every couple of years in Illinois, and it’s always a good time. When I commiserated with Todd about the loss of my party location, he said, “well, maybe we can use my rental house in Carmel!”

I was appreciative of his generosity, but wanted to make sure he knew what he was getting himself into! Todd reached out to me this week confirming his offer still stands, so I guess my party is back on!

We’ve decided to invite all my usual attendees, but will have RSVPs through me. E-mail me, call me, or speak to someone who knows me for the location. The house is in Carmel, just a few blocks off the main drag.  The party will start the usual time, Thursday August 23rd at about 6pm. See you there and Thanks Todd!