330 Parking Brakes

I had one last thing to do on this Series I Ferrari 330GT 2+2 before sending it on it’s way home.

When I went to pull the parking brake handle, the car didn’t hold in place very well. The parking brakes on Vintage Ferraris are marginal at best, and they can use all the help they can get. One look at the pads, and it was clear of the first problem was the pads were pretty well worn.

Since the pad pivots in the holder, once the pad wears past a certain point, the brakes become ineffective no mater how hard you pull on the handle. I installed a new pad and then adjusted the cables to make everything work properly. She’s now ready to go home!


Watkins Glen

I plan to drive to Watkins Glen on September 15th for the Ferrari Club of America National Meet with my 330 America. I’m planning to caravan out with Sam in his 365GTC/4 around noon. He will be coming from the east, and meet up with me around Albany near I90 or Hudson NY heading west towards Watkins Glen. Anybody want to join us?