330GTC Window Frames

I installed the vent window seals and window channel felts in the window frames to the 330GTC. There is a lot of fitting, trimming, checking, and reinstalling to get these windows to fit right.

The whole window frame was sent out for rechroming, and whenever parts get chromed, there is always a chance the parts won’t fit as well as they did before. The plater tries to cover threads to keep the electroplating process from depositing metal where it shouldn’t, but checking for fit is always necessary. I chased the threads on all the nuts and screws to make sure they fit well before attempting to screw things together.

I often get emails or calls from guys working on their own cars with problems when installing the window felts. The biggest complaint is the windows don’t slide very well when everything is assembled. When installing the window channel felts, it’s really important to make sure the glass slides easily in the window channel before installing in the car. I made a small tool that is slightly thicker than the glass that I run inside the window channel to form the steel core of the window channel felt wide enough to allow the window to move freely. If the window doesn’t slide freely in the channel on the work bench, then it certainly won’t slide freely when installed on the car. This is made worse with electric windows when the motors have to work against all this friction.