330 Details and Air Filter Notes

I removed the coils on a SI 330 I have at the shop to correct some details. The coils that were installed on this car were later Magnetti Marelli coils and resistors so the finishes were wrong. The early cars have red coils, with red resistors,  a solid core red wire that connects the “+” side of the coil, and white cadmium plated brackets. There are also some period correct stickers and stamps that need to be applied, so I had quite a few details to correct on this assembly.

This website exists for everyone in the Vintage Ferrari world, and I know a lot of people use it for reference, and I try my best to keep the information fresh and corrected. It’s not the end all reference, as I am always learning and absorbing new information, but this website really helps me keep track of information that I would otherwise have trouble finding. Take for instance these air filters. I found these Napa air filters to replace the incorrect filters for the SI 330 I am working on. The “2148” Napa number can then be cross referenced with any other air filter number for someone searching on the internet for ” SI 330GT Air Filter ” I can also pull this blog post in the future when I need to find this air filter again.

Note to self: Speaking of air filters and information I need to file away, 250GTE air filters are WIX 42110 . Hopefully I’ll remember I wrote this down in this blog post!