Property Maintenance and GTE Wiring

On top of working on Vintage Ferraris at both Francois’ shop and my own shop, I also manage the property where my shop is located. We’ve been upgrading the building and this week we added heat. This will provide a nice warm place to work on the several projects this winter.

It’s been a challenge to get work done on the building with the cars in the shop, but the heat was one of the last things that had to be hung from the rafters above the cars.

Since we rented a lift to install the heating unit, I took advantage of having this piece of machinery to seal up some of the holes in the building high up, but first I had to carefully drive around the cars to get to where I needed to be. I’m happy to report, the building is sealed up tight, and all the cars are safe!

I also spent some time at my upholsterer’s shop on a GTE. The interior is being completed, but I needed to get the wiring sorted at the upholstery shop before the finished dash and console gets installed.

It looked worse than it was, and I got things labelled and connected well enough so the upholsterer can finish and I can hook the final few wires up.