Safer Carburetor Cleaner

I’ve been wanting to get an ultrasonic cleaner for carburetor cleaning and finally pulled the trigger. For years, at Francois’ shop, we’ve been using the carburetor cleaner found in a gallon can that you soak for an hour or so. It does a fairly good job of cleaning out the junk and residue but the solvents in this stuff is not very good to human health, and it’s always bothered me with the exposure to it no matter what kind of precautions we took.

The ultrasonic cleaner oscillates high frequencies to break up dirt and varnish that is immersed in a soap solution. The vibrations work deep inside the passageways of the carburetor and should do a better and faster job than simply soaking in solvent. It’s also nice that simple soap is all that is needed to de-grease the parts, without carcinogenic solutions.

I’m looking forward to working cleaner, and safer!