330GT Ignition Details

I had this post kicking around for the last couple of weeks, and have been meaning to put it up, but got caught up in all the other cars I’ve been working on, but here it is!

I finally got all the parts I needed to assemble the ignition system on a 330 I’m detailing. I’m still looking for the solid core red wire that goes between the resistor and the coil, but for now we’ll use a regular wire with soldered ends until I can get the right replacement.

I found a badly worn tie rod end on this car a few months ago, so we decided to change them all for good measure. Having the ignition installed allowed me to get the car to the alignment shop.

Another little detail on this car that I’ve seen points deducted was the white lettering printed on the spark plug wires. It may seem a little pedantic, but an Italian car shouldn’t have ignition wires made in the USA. A minutes removing these letters with some brake cleaner will avoid possible deductions if you plan on showing a Vintage Ferrari at a Concours.