RM and a Daytona Inspection

A client of mine was looking for a Ferrari 365GTB/4, otherwise known as a Daytona, and he found one in Ontario that he wanted me to take a closer look. RM is known internationally as an auction house, but it started as a restoration shop by it’s founder Rob Myers. I took the opportunity to see the facility as well as inspect the car for my client.

The warehouse and restoration shop was a collection of buildings housing some pretty significant cars. Everything from movie cars, to multi-million dollar Ferraris were being restored and repaired. Unfortunately, to keep the privacy of the owners, I didn’t take any pictures of the really cool stuff!

It was a cold morning in Ontario, but luckily the roads were clear for a test drive. I wanted to get some heat in the engine before I did a compression check on the engine.

Jake, my RM rep, helped me get the car on a lift so I could inspect the undercarriage, and take pictures.

Four cam engines are sometimes easier to pull the plugs to perform a compression check because the plugs are right in the middle of each cylinder bank, but there are two plugs that sit directly under the snorkle of the air cleaner that negate all the ease of access to the other plugs. Add to that the heat from a warm engine, and my hands paid the price. All part of a days work, I guess!