Incoming Cars

I had a couple of cars delivered to my shop last week and one of them was this Ferrari 330GTC that I first saw in Houston at DriverSource. I inspected this car last several weeks ago with my customer and he and I liked the car. He decided to buy the car and send it to me to fix a couple of things.

One of the first things my customer sent me was a new radio that looked like a period radio, but had blue-tooth capability. My customer plans on driving this car more than showing it, so it was a change to be prepping a car for more driving!

A second Ferrari was delivered just a few days later by Passport Transport. This one was purchased from Continental Motorsports, the Ferrari dealership in Chicago.

I looked at several 365GTB/4 Daytonas for a customer, and he sent me the information on this one for sale at Continental. After researching the service records and talking to the mechanics that worked on this Ferrari, I felt pretty good about this particular car. I know a lot of shops and brokers in the business, and many of them are friends of mine, but I have found it’s always better to take the opinion of a mechanic that has worked on a particular car than the opinion of someone selling the car!

The owner wants to take this car to Europe for a road rally, so I needed to make this car a little more reliable. Even though this car was well maintained, a few modifications will hopefully give me the confidence to send her to Europe for a good week of hard driving.

I pulled the original starter out and substituted it for a new high torque starter. The original starter can be put in storage, but the newer more efficient starter will draw less power, and start the engine much faster. They’re also a lot lighter.

Every newly purchased cars have little things that need to be corrected, and one of them on this car was the door lock wasn’t connected. Taking a peek inside the door also showed there were no water shields installed on the doors. This is fine for a car that won’t drive in rain, but probably better to put some on.


Save the Date! Motorcars Spring Car Show

May 4th 2019


“A car show by cars guys for car guys!”

European Sports cars, British cars, Anglo/American, Italiamerican, and maybe even a few ‘merican cars.

Tech sessions, vendors, show cars, and food.

Radcliffe Motorcar Company

12340 Owings Mills Blvd.
Reisterstown MD 21136

‭Call to register your car for the show. Space is limited.

(410) 517-1681