Daytona Wheels

After working at Francois’ shop, I spent the other half of my time working at my own shop closer to my home. It’s filled with Ferraris as well. I’m trying my best to make everyone happy, but it’s a 7 day week job!

On a newly purchased Daytona that I’m prepping for a rally, I wanted to do something about the wheels. The car was purchased with different sized wire wheels front to back. I was told back in the 70s when Daytonas were relatively new, it was all the rage to put wider wheels in the back of these cars. Wider tires in the back of these cars certainly filled out the wheel wells, but were not stock. The other problem, is if you got a flat tire, you would only carry one size for the spare.

I personally like the look of the Cromordora magnesium wheels on a Daytona and found a matching set for my customer. They were pretty nice, but slightly discolored. The owner and I decided to send them out for refinishing, but first I had to get the trim rings off. The trim rings were in nice shape, so I had to try my best not to dent or scratch them prying them off the wheels. They fit very snug to the wheel hub, so it takes patience to get them off without damage.

I had a tool that I modified to make this job a little easier. It had just the right amount of reach to pry against the part of the trim ring against the hub, but I welded a little more steel on tip of the tool to spread out the pressure on the trim ring so it wouldn’t dent as easily. I ground the tip of the tool thin enough to get between the ring and the wheel, and worked the trim ring off a little at a time.

The marks I made on the wheel were not a problem because the wheel is getting stripped and powder coated.

I dropped the wheels off at the powdercoater and you can really see the mismatched colors of my four wheels. I’m looking forward to have a matched set of four wheels in a week or so! ( They look so tiny next to modern wheels with 20 inch diameters!

I ordered a set of Vredestiens tires to mount on the wheels. I feel they grip a little better than the OEM Michelin XWXs, at a lower price. These tires will get used, and not shown, so I think the owner will appreciate my choice. With a matched set of tires, if there is a flat tire on the rally, the owner will be able to use a spare on any of his four wheels, and not worry about the size difference.


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May 4th 2019


“A car show by cars guys for car guys!”

European Sports cars, British cars, Anglo/American, Italiamerican, and maybe even a few ‘merican cars.

Tech sessions, vendors, show cars, and food.

Radcliffe Motorcar Company

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