365 Heater Core

I started hooking up the heater hoses to the heater core on the 365GT 2+2 and I saw some pretty old hoses. I know I’m just getting this car back on the road and trying to restore the car, but I could see some of these hoses have NEVER been changed.

There was a short piece of heater hose that fits on the heater core assembly that still had the factory stickers, so I knew this hose was at least 50 years old. If I left this one in place, I knew it would eventually leak so I had to do the right thing and replace it.

As the heater cores came out to put new hoses on, the fresh air hoses were pretty rotted as well. The replacement hoses I used were not the exact concours pieces, but much more durable and less leaky!

One big improvement was replacing the two long hoses in the wheel wells that someone replaced the original hose with what we would call “dryer hose” in the States. This hose is the right diameter, and readily available at any home improvement center for plumbing the hot air out of our clothes dryers to the outside of our houses, but not as good for Ferraris! The previous owner even tried to spray paint the white hose black to hide the cheap hose, but my replacement was much more durable, wire reinforced, made for automotive ducting, and black through and through!

Ok, let’s see. Belts installed. Coolant system completed. Ignition system wired. I have a fuel line to plumb, and it’ll be time to start her up. I’m getting there!