One More Trip Before Monterey

I got a call from someone looking to buy a SII Ferrari 330GT 2+2 located in Virginia. He wanted to know if I would be interested in inspecting the car to make sure it was as described by the seller so it could be purchased and restored. With only a week to go until my trip to Monterey, I knew I would be pretty busy for the next several weeks, so I offered to drive down to VA from NY just days before leaving for CA. I always believe in “striking when the iron is hot,” and not waiting on a car when it comes available.

This car was owned by the current owner’s father for 50 years until he passed away a few years ago, and the son decided it was time to pass this car along to the next care taker.

The car “ran when parked,” but would need a full restoration to get back on the road.

Only a couple pieces were missing, but most of the car was intact.

photo R Adair

The buyer and I inspected the car and made a list of things that were needed. It might have been better to find a restored 330GT for some, but the buyer really wanted to bring this one back to life and to her former glory.

A deal was struck, and the next phase of this car’s life and ownership history continues!