Pebble Beach Concours 2019

My daughter kept her promise and got up when I asked her at 6am so we could head down to Pebble Beach. Neither one of us wanted to try to make it to the lawn for Dawn Patrol Hats Hagerty gives out for the hard core show goers, but we made it on the lawn at a respectable 7:30 am to beat the crowds.

Pebble Beach is always about catching up with old friends, and it was nice to Jim and Sandra on the lawn instead of the track where I usually find them.

Here’s my good friend Brad Phillips from Hagerty interviewing another friend Jim Glickenhaus about his car. I left them both to their work!

I saw a familiar car at the Ferrari display and expected to see the Admiral not far away when I sadly remembered he sold this car to someone else last year! I’m sure the new owner is really enjoying this car, but it’s going to take a while for me to get used to not thinking it’s the Admiral’s car!

Francois was also out in Monterey and I managed to snap a picture of him and his old friend Jaques Vaucher. They’ve known each other all the way back to the Chinetti days.

We wrapped up the car portion of my Father-Daughter trip to Monterey this year and we both had a lot of fun. It’ll be a trip I’ll remember for a lifetime, and I’m glad we both made the effort to make it happen. I want to thank everyone who met us and were gracious to spend their time with us. I especially want to thank John and Colin for giving the ride in the Bentley on the Tour. That was the icing on the cake!

We left Monterey and spent a couple days north of the Peninsula hiking among the Sequoias and exploring San Francisco before flying home to New York. Those days were just as much fun as the days we spent in Monterey, but I won’t bore you with the details.

I don’t know if Ellie will ever be “into cars” as I am, but I know she has a deeper understanding than most kids. I didn’t take her to convert her, but more importantly I wanted to spend some time with her. Kids grow up so fast and there are no guarantee there will be opportunities like this again. I shaped the trip to her interests and mixed car things that I thought she would like to see. Compromises were made on both sides, and we managed to have a fun throughout. I’m lucky to have experienced this trip with my kid.