GTE Assembly

I had to install a pair of bumper ends on the GTE I have at my shop. They were chrome plated and needed to go back on he car.

Getting the gaps to fit perfectly is a job that takes pre-fitting the parts before chrome, adjusting the gaps, and then adjusting them again when everything is chromed.

The differences are subtle, but you can see the slight gap in the bumper in this shot.

After shimming and adjusting, the gap is eliminated. After adjusting bumpers like this, you’ll never look at a st of bumpers the same way again!

The gauges inside the car needed installation as well. Following the tags, and common sense, the wiring all went where they were supposed to go.

The gauges were done, and now I’ll wait for the center console to come back from the upholsterer wrapped in leather to install the rest of the switches and wiring.

Front lap belts were installed as well.

I’ll be starting this engine soon after her long sleep after a bare metal respray and upholstery work.