3D Printing Carburetor Parts

I have a Ferrari 330GTC with Weber DFI carburetors that were missing cover plates that keep dust and debris from the throttle shaft gears. I checked with my usual sources and found these to be very rare and hard to replace. Finding one was going to a challenge, and three would be nearly impossible, let alone the price for a set when the seller knows how hard they are to come by.

I decided to try having these pieces made using 3D printing. Luckily, I had another car with a cover plate I could use to copy, so I sent it off to my Friend Steven Dibden at Additive Restorations. We talked about the environment these plates would have to live in, but he felt the printed material would withstand the heat from the engine.

I’ll have to get the correct oval head screw to secure the part, but the plate fit perfectly.  The color of the plates were a little lighter than the original die cast pieces, but was close enough to do its job. Luckily, with a GTC, there’s a large air cleaner housing that covers the carburetors so they’re going to be hard to see. This job was perfect to use new technology for a old problem of finding rare parts. Thank Steven!