A Pair of 365s

I received a project Daytona that a customer recently purchased. I won’t be restoring this car, but will be taking inventory to see what’s missing and the scope of the restoration. The 365GT 2+2 is one I’ve been working on for a while. The engine and transmission is rebuilt along with the brakes and many other components on this car.

Small items like the fuel sender were repaired to get this car fully functional for the road.

The problem I face now is getting the car tuned in the Northeast. I don’t have a fancy dyno in my shop to tune the carburetors, but do it the old fashioned way by road testing the car after adjustments. With snow on the ground, and temps hovering around 30 degrees, it’s hard to get the engine up to full operating temps to tune the carburetors.

I finally got a nice 50 degree day and took the car out for testing and tuning. Every time I drive one of these “Queen Mother” Ferraris, I’m reminded how good they are. They have plenty of power, are easy to maneuver with power steering, and stops well with modern vented brakes.