Cavallino 2020

This Year for Cavallino I decided to try something different. I stayed in Florida for 24 hours to see Cavallino instead of the usual 5 days I’ve done in years past. I’ve been attending Cavallino for over a dozen years, and the culmination of a Saturday show usually started on Thursday morning with a seminar about a restoration or two presented by the owner, specialist, or restorer. In order to attend, I needed to be in Florida on Wednesday, but the last couple of years I was for want of things to do waiting for the show on Saturday. The track event seems to be falling in attendance, and is more about joy rides than actual racing. With a lot of work at my shop, and the rising cost of tickets to attend these events, I decided to abbreviate my visit.

I managed to catch one cocktail party on Friday night and have a nice dinner with some Tifosi.

I bunked with some friends and rose bright and early to see the cars lining up for entrance to the show field.

The main attraction I wasn’t going to miss was to see the collection of 250GTEs that was one of the featured models at Cavallino this year. Tom Wilson shipped his GTE from California and I wanted to be there to meet Zac and Tom as they presented this car to the public. Congratulations guys!

I Uber-ed to the airport at 3:30, was home with my family on Sunday, and felt I hadn’t missed a thing with my short trip.