Gullwing Visit

I got a call last week to see if I had time to inspect a couple of cars down at Gullwing Motorcars in Queens NY. I would be surprised if you never hear of Gullwing Motorcars because they seem to be advertising everywhere. I’ve even seen Peter Kumar, the owner of Gullwing,  on TV once or twice on the big restoration shows. What you see on TV is nothing compared to what kind of cars move through the hands of Gullwing Motors. They have a ton of inventory, and people all around the world get Gullwing’s emails. A lot of these cars are rough, but some cars are worth a second look. I was asked by a customer to take a closer look at a couple of cars to see if they were worth considering.

My customer just needed someone to take a closer look to either consider making an offer, or to run away! With a soft market, I heard Gullwing is willing to deal, so it was worth it to my customer to send me to Queens.

Not that I’m in the market for another car, but seeing all these cars always makes me think. I really like the 330GTC and would love to own of these cars. I would have to sell my 330 America to help fund the purchase, but the values are never equal. I would always have to add a little bit of cash to purchase any GTC, but I keep hoping. This particular car caught my eye because it was just rough enough that maybe there was a deal to be struck. It failed to sell at auction recently, so we had a starting point on what the market felt was the price of this car.

All the details were there, but the car needed some attention. I could put the sweat equity into this Ferrari, and have a nice car when done. Considering I’ve worked on a bunch of these GTCs, I shouldn’t have any problems.

The bargaining chip on this car was the front suspension, and it may have been one reason the car didn’t sell at auction. These cars have a front suspension recall that needs to be fixed, and this one wasn’t fixed. From the welding done to the shock mount, it looks like there was already a problem, and the repair was incorrectly fixed. All this can be corrected, but in the right hands. Should I raise my hand to do it?…Can I cut loose my 330 America?…