The Distraction of the Shop

A Dino I have at the shop was missing a little button for the glove box door release. I didn’t know if this part was available from one of the Ferrari parts suppliers, but since I had some ABS plastic rod in my shop, I decided to go and make it from scratch. Little projects like this have been a good distraction from the bad news we’ve been getting these days from the Covid 19 pandemic, and I can feel like I’m doing something constructive with my time instead of sequestered with nothing to do.

I took some measurements from a Ferrari 365GTB/4 that I have at the shop since that car has the same button for its glove box door and cut one out of bar stock on my lathe.

I cut m3 threads on the button after it was made, and polished the plastic on my buffer.

One more piece added to the list on this car to make it closer to perfect!