A White GTE

A nice 250GTE arrived at my shop this past weekend. I don’t see too many white ones, and this car with its red interior is very handsome.

This particular car has traveled a long path towards a complete restoration, and I’ve been tasked with finishing up the last 5 percent. Sometimes the last bit of the details to a restoration is the lion’s share of the work, but it’s something I like doing with GTEs, especially since I’ve done a few. I received a list of to-dos, and added a couple items I spotted too, but we’re basically going to make a very nice reliable and presentable restored GTE when I’m done.

The first thing I noticed was the clutch on this car wasn’t working properly. It seemed to be grabbing too low on the pedal travel, and needed to be set up correctly. In order to properly index the clutch levers, I needed to remove all the linkages including the throttle arm so I could get the right amount of travel and adjust-ability. While it was all apart, I greased all the linkages so they would operate smoothly for years to come. The first correction completed!