White GTE Miscellany

I made up a new set of ignition wires for the white GTE. Considering I will be using solid core ignition wires, this set up will last for years so we might as well get all the details right. 7mm wire, wrinkle paint black on the wire tubes…

…rubber grommets where the wires exit the tubes, and don’t forget to remove the writing on the wires with some brake cleaner!

I’ve seen the boots for the spark plugs in black and in orange, and even those 1 ohm ceramic resistor ends, but on a GTE, I like to use the orange rubber boots. They are period correct, and I’ve never been deducted for them at any show. The ceramic ends were installed on the later 330s.

I also have to install rubber o-rings on the wires to keep them gathered, along with this wire keeper that mounts to the distributor. Speaking of special parts, have you seen the new https://kilimanjarodesigns.com/ website? Parker Hall retired and Motion Products took over the business and put the catalog online. It’s worth a look!

The air cleaner on the GTE needed some detail work. The outside looks like it was plated correctly in the nickel finish…

…but the inside of the air cleaner was not plated or protected, so the bare metal was rusting. I’ll bead blast this area and apply some paint.

One of the things on my list to look at was the brake lights that weren’t working. I checked the circuit and found the switch was broken, but when I removed the switch I found another issue. There was small brake fluid leak at the back of the master cylinder where the brake light switch was mounted, and when I removed the switch, I found the source of the leak. The threads on the brake light switch were cross threaded and I was afraid the fitting on the back of the master cylinder was damaged as well. These threads will have to fixed if I am to expect a leak free brake system!

Since I have the cooling system apart to fit a new cooling fan, now was the time to paint the stand pipe to the radiator. I have the exhaust shields and fuse box cover to paint in wrinkle black, so I put this pipe in with this pile for painting.