Wrinkle Painting

We’ve been experiencing a cold Spring in the Northeast and this is not good weather for wrinkle painting. 85 degree and warmer days with bright sun are the best conditions and even if the weather turned around soon, I probably won’t be seeing those temps for a while. I needed to find an alternative and that led me to repurposing a barbecue grille for the job.

Wrinkle painting doesn’t require the high temperatures of powder coating, but needs temperatures in the 100-150 degree range, but it still off gasses enough to stink up with house if you try using the oven in your kitchen. To retain domestic tranquility, I used this barbeque grill as the better alternative.

I used an electric hot plate as a heat source and set it on medium heat. I let the hot plate heat the grill and parts for wrinkle painting before applying paint and then applied several even coats of paint as per the directions. This grill has a removable bottom section, so I took it out so the hot plate itself could stay relatively cool.

The paint has to applied thickly with little time between coats to dry, but the new wrinkle painting set up looks like it’s going to work out great!